Nov. 5, 2012, 11:05 a.m.

LCCC rises above NJCCA crackdown

New recruiting rules do not harm LCCC sports

Effective this academic year, the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) has passed a new regulation allowing sports rosters to be composed of only 25 percent international students. This change could have a large impact on how Laramie County Community College recruits players for the upcoming seasons.

“We have always stayed within the set rules for recruiting, so it hasn’t changed much,” Vince Gibson, head men’s soccer coach and sports information specialist, said about the new ruling’s effect on player recruiting.

Currently, LCCC has about 109 athletes in total comprising the men’s and women’s soccer teams, the men’s basketball team, women’s volleyball and the rodeo team. About 21 of these athletes are international. So LCCC has a diverse and far-reaching recruiting arm as well as a presence of athletes from the surrounding states.

Considering the pros and cons of international player recruiting, Gibson said: “You need to know who you’re getting. You need to see video and talk to people who know a player’s skill, but it also lets you get really talented players and helps them move on to the next level of the sport.”

On the other hand, state recruiting can be challenging. “Since there are not that many high schools with players in Wyoming,” he said, “we look to Colorado and Ft. Collins for a lot of our recruiting, where there are a lot more players to look at.”

Compared to the other schools in Wyoming with soccer programs, including Northwest College and Western Wyoming Community College, LCCC is pretty equal to them. “All three have good recruiting, and we’ve all been pretty evenly matched,” Gibson said.

Overall, the NJCAA’s new policy on recruiting international players has yet to have that much effect on how LCCC has recruited players, and LCCC athletes have not let this become a problem by following the established ruling to ensure successful programs.

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