Nov. 5, 2012, 3:22 p.m.

LCCC security roundup

Campus security officer Casey Orr


Casey Orr, born and raised in Cheyenne, graduated from East High School, attended LCCC for two semesters and then joined the Army, serving two deployments to Iraq.

He moved to Colorado to attend the Art Institute and was a project manager, writer and director, while he worked security in Denver. He then returned to Wyoming and has recently begun his security training at LCCC.

Orr said he enjoys Cheyenne because it’s a small town and the students are friendly and respectful.

As a campus safety officer, Orr is responsible for the safety of the campus, students and equipment. His job is to prevent violence and crime. He must enforce college policies and be available for a medical emergency. He takes care of the college even on the weekends and overlooks the safety in the residence halls.

Orr said what he most likes about his job is the fact that being present makes people feel safe and comfortable. “People don’t need to worry about their safety,” Orr said.

Orr said what he finds odd about some of the arguments he’s had to settle is how often Facebook is involved. Orr said, “It seems like some post on Facebook will begin a fight or a post will increase the intensity of a fight.”

Field training officer Doug Cover


Doug Cover, born and raised in Nebraska, has had dangerous and violent experiences. He was an adjunct instructor for Nebraska law enforcement training, did security in metro Denver for 19 years and was an investigator who handled a lot of high-profile cases and even went undercover. He also was in the Secret Service, where he did presidential security.

Cover was a contract instructor for the Drug Enforcement Administration where he was recognized by state and federal courts as a narcotics expert. While he was in the DEA, Cover was involved in the Columbine incident. He also was second in command for six years at Community Services Officers as a crisis negotiator.

Cover moved to Wyoming to get away from the Colorado snow and so his wife could ride her horses. Cover said his wife was the person who suggested the part-time security job at LCCC.

Cover is the field training officer, who takes care of the new hires. He is certified as a school resource officer and has done presentations in LCCC sociology classes.

“Campus safety represents the face of LCCC’s administration, especially encouraging compliance with the regulations and policies of the school,” Cover said.

Cover calls the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department to take care of situations whenever he receives a serious complaint call involving physical safety or criminal actions.

For campus violations, he reports them to the administration to decide what actions to take, including those involving a counselor or the student disabilities staff. He responds to medical emergencies and knows how to use an automatic electric defibrillator (AED).

He’s one of many officers found in four of the offices in the modular unit near the LCCC residence halls. However, there is no guarantee an officer will be in the modular because they will either be on auto patrol or foot patrol. Cover patrols on bicycle sometimes, which is a part of his job he said he gets a kick out of.

Cover said: “If you’re going to get into law enforcement, you better like people. The majority of your time you’re going to be involved with people who are not at their best. You have to have the attitude that they’re people, and you have to like them for being people. This helps you get a perspective at where they’re coming from.”

Because LCCC is an open campus, Cover does not deal only with students, but he also must protect from everything that comes from the city, county or off the interstate.

Cover has two daughters. One is in the Air Force and has been deployed to many places oversees, including Iraq and Cuba. Currently, she is at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. Cover’s other daughter will graduate in the spring from LCCC with an associate degree in theater.

Cover said he refers to himself as “BTDTGTTS”: Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. For campus security, call 630-0866 or 630-0645. There are three shifts that two officers work: midnight to 8 a.m.; 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and 4 p.m. to midnight.