Posted at 11:05 p.m., Oct. 15, 2014

Trustees question raising tuition

The Board of Trustees approved a motion Oct. 15 for Laramie County Community College not to support a tuition increase for the 2015-16 academic year. President Dr. Joe Schaffer said the Wyoming Community College Commission makes the decision to increase tuition every year in December. It has concluded that tuition is lower in Wyoming than it is in Colorado, and traditionally the WCCC has raised tuition slightly every year.

However, at a WCCC meeting Oct. 10 the commissioners indicated they were not interested in raising tuition.

At the board meeting, LCCC Trustee Brenda Lyttle asked, “Where is the justification for raising student tuition?” Schaffer said there is no compelling need to look toward students to make up a loss in funds because tuition makes up only 20 percent of the budget, with student fees generating some of the difference. In addition, he said statewide assessed valuation is increasing. This tax money is also a source of the college’s revenue.

Schaffer then said the WCCC might look toward “tuition freezing” as an idea, in which a student enrolls at a given tuition rate that continues throughout his academic career, providing consistency of tuition is at a fixed rate. Schaffer said he “was excited the WCCC was willing to look at” the idea.

LCCC Trustee Don Erickson suggested placing tuition rates as an agenda item on the board’s January retreat.