Posted at 4:55 p.m., Nov. 3, 2014

President Schaffer addresses SGA concerns

The Oct. 28 Student Government Association meeting featured Laramie County Community College President Dr. Joe Schaffer.

A major concern brought to Schaffer at the meeting was the lack of tutors available in the Student Success Center. He encouraged SGA to formally recommend that staff redesign their office hours so that they can be in the Success Center to help students. He also recommended using the free online tool Smart Thinking. This is a 24/7 service that connects students with live tutors of every subject. The link to this service can be found on EaglesEye and D2L.

Culinary program proposed

SGA President Jackson Craft recommended the creation of a culinary program at LCCC. He said Sheridan was the only college in Wyoming to offer culinary, and the addition would draw in a number of students who wish to stay close to home. Schaffer said the recommendation was put on the radar and would continue to be discussed.

Schaffer also addressed the growing concerns with math courses and math labs. “We will still use the math lab design,” he said, “but there are things we can do to improve it.” He said the college is redesigning the way math courses are set up. It is working to do away with unnecessary math courses and focus more on the math needed for the desired major. The issue that math tests do not cover the material covered in the classes was brought up as well. Schaffer said he has heard a few concerns in the past and would look into it.

Student engagement worrisome

With spring registration coming up, President Schaffer said, “We’re really focused on keeping students engaged at LCCC.” He stressed that students can visit him if they have any questions or concerns regarding LCCC.

Schaffer also mentioned the upcoming legislative session. He encouraged students to apply for the legislative intern program. “It is something I highly encourage you to take advantage of,” he said. For more information, see the SGA desk in the Student Lounge.

In other business

In other business, the map event took place on Oct. 27, but it is not too late to put a pin on your hometown. The map will be available all semester in the Student Lounge by the SGA desk.

Students can also expect to see a new phone charging station be installed on the computer bar in the Student Lounge sometime in the future.

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