Posted at 1:36 p.m., Oct. 23, 2014

Intramural sports kick off campus recreation

Intramural sports is getting ready to kick off at Laramie County Community College.

Three on three co-ed and men’s basketball starts Nov. 3, and co-ed volleyball starts Nov. 11. A schedule of events is available on the wall outside the Physical Education Building, Room 129, or on the intramurals website.

If you missed the registration deadlines for either sport, you may still register as an individual with Vince Gibson, the intramural coordinator, and he will place you on a team.

On the schedule for intramurals so far this year is co-ed volleyball and basketball, men’s basketball, indoor flag football, kickball, broomball hockey and dodge ball. Gibson is always looking for new ideas to add for sports people would enjoy playing. He is looking to conduct a survey online for input.

Students, faculty, and staff encouraged to partake

According to Gibson, intramural sports are good, wholesome social activities and physical fitness for students, faculty and staff. It also offers nonparticipation in which students and staff can watch and cheer on teams. “It’s a good way to get to know each other and stay in shape. It really is for everyone,” Gibson said. “We are still looking for officials and scorekeepers as well.”

He would like to continue to see an increase in participation as well as student and supervisor help and a larger variety of sports such as wallyball, which would take place in the racquetball courts. “This is the third year LCCC has offered intramural sports, and it increases every year,” Gibson said. “I try to change it up every year to see what participants like.” Intramurals were reintroduced to campus after being inactive for some time.

Gibson is challenging clubs and organizations to become involved. “The rodeo team has a team in each sport,” he said. “It is so much fun to watch them come out and have a good time. They have great sportsmanship.”

More than a competition

According to Gibson, that is what intramural sports is all about, not winning or losing, but genuinely having a good time.

He has approached SGA about forming a team in each sport as well to show interest but would like to see all clubs and organizations be involved.

Gibson said that in the near future the program IMLeagues will be linked to the website. This program will contain the rules for the sports, team information, schedules and easy registration.

Anyone interested in intramurals can contacts Gibson by phone at 778-1194 or by email at

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