Posted at 5 p.m. Nov. 9, 2016

Art exhibit promotes female empowerment

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Female Enpowerment

The LCCC Esther & John Clay Fine Arts Gallery depicts different women in fairy tales in a way that shows women enpowerment

Photos by Isaiah Colbert

Students, faculty and visitors can attend the painting and printmaking exhibit “Why Pigs Fly” by Florence McEwin. The exhibit is revisionist works of Red Riding Hood.

In the exhibit, “the interpreted and the imagined find their way as a mixed metaphor, re-examining and reinventing content into an original form,” McEwin said.

McEwin is an art professor and gallery director for Western Wyoming College in Rock Springs.

“The themes of the exhibit are on the question of male and female relationships with a focus on female empowerment,” McEwin said.

McEwin uses Red Riding Hood and the Wolf as the protagonist and antagonist in her art, representing both sides as well as the interactions between them.

Prominent features in McEwin’s work are photo intaglio and pochoir.

“Photo intaglio is a backwards way of making a collage,” McEwin said. “In it I do curved lines against straight line, natural against unnatural.” Photo intaglio involves a photo being reproduced on film or paper and exposed to light while on a plate. The print is upside down before it’s run through the press.

McEwin uses pochoir for her paintings, a type of pencil process used to make colored prints or adding color to a key illustration.

“I try to make my paintings not identical to my prints,” McEwin said. “While I was in Spain, I had a printing plate of roses and drew and printed them. I dissected drawings and made them into stencils.”

“Film stills are appropriated and turned into Red Riding Hood and the Wolf,” McEwin said. “Once I get the image, I alter and appropriate the image and work with the story I want to tell.”

“The target audience for the exhibit is the entire community,” McEwin said.

The exhibit is showing in LCCC’s Esther & John Clay Fine Arts Gallery through Nov. 18.


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