Posted at 5 p.m. Nov. 9, 2016

Nine positions may be cut

President’s Cabinet releases draft budget reduction recommendations

The initial draft of the Laramie County Community College CORE Initiative budget calls for the elimination of nine employees. The plan, released Nov. 7, outlines the first programs and positions to fall under the proposed budget cuts and reorganization plans; $2.5 million is estimated to be cut along with nine full-time employees and six empty positions will be left unfilled.

LCCC Public Relations and Marketing may lose three positions at a savings of $150,000. Three full-time positions were identified for elimination in the reorganization. The plan calls for some resources to be reinvested into a new structure, but no specifics are detailed. The reorganization will also focus on marketing and brand management to help engage new students but again, no specifics are detailed.

The draft also recommends merging the Center for Teaching and Learning with the Center for Learning Technologies. This is estimated to save another $98,466. Elimination of the Career and Technical Education Program director will also save $91,921. Under the

plan, staff development will move to Human Resources.

The third major cut outlined is reducing one full-time library technician. While the document does acknowledge the importance of a library on campus, according to research cited in the document other Wyoming colleges have fewer library staff but still deliver the same critical services without significant interruption or loss to students.

The rest of the reduction included but are not limited to:

Reduce the operating budget by $350,000. No specifics

were in the plan.

Faculty release time was 279 credits in 2012-2013 but rose to 540 in 2015-2016. Reducing faculty release time to 200 credits will save $150,000.

Athletics coaches will be in assigned student instruction to save $27,000.

Eliminating one full-time open position in Career Services for savings of $55,238.

Reduce one full-time English Faculty open position for savings of $66,231.

Eliminating one Albany County Campus office assistant open position to save $36,360.

Eliminating one science lab coordinator position for savings of $65,021.

Reducing one full-time Albany County Campus Safety and Security employee for savings of $40,003.

Eliminating one full-time employee in high school programs for savings of $37,222.

Additionally, the plan utilizes the one-mill levy for the operations budget to offset $620,000.

The draft will be presented to the LCCC Board of Trustees on Nov. 16. It will be presented to the College Council on Nov. 18 and the final trustees vote will be cast on Nov. 30.


College releases draft of budget cut recommendations to board