Posted at 2 p.m. Oct. 31, 2016

Grandma’s worst nightmare

Weather apps match user’s attitudes


The days of stuffy old weather forecasts are over.

It’s time to jump on the bandwagon with some weather apps that really tell you how they feel.

With the weather getting to that awkward time of year when it’s necessary to wear those insanely comfy insulated boots in the morning yet turn on the air conditioning by noon, it might be time to download a weather app.

Depending on your personal taste in humor, there are options to help you out.

Authentic Weather by Tobias Schneider is available for the low price of $1.99 with no ads and allows users to monitor the weather each day in style. This app is not safe to open near grandma; she might not appreciate the language. On the other hand, if you dance to the beat of your own drum, don’t care what grandma thinks and get a giggle out of insulting and offensive language, this is the weather app for you.

Authentic Weather provides the temperature in Fahrenheit, Celsius or Kelvin; a graphic of what the weather is doing; and a hateful message to describe it. Forecasts for “Tomorrow”, “The Day After” and “Whatever” are also available. The app allows users to share the forecast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Swipe right, and users can add their own face or surroundings to the inappropriateness. Swipe left to toggle between Fahrenheit, Celsius or Kelvin.

If you are looking for a weather app that will provide you the temperature as well as the percentage of humidity and the trajectory of the sun, this is not for you, but if you just want to know if you need to wear those insulated boots or a tank top, the app will work just fine. I would recommend this app to anyone - except grandma.

HumorCast by Steven Tso is available for free, with in-app purchases. This app allows users to pick whether they would like a grandma-friendly or an explicit forecast. No ads appeared during the review of the app.

Where this app differs from Authentic Weather is it also will allow users to see a more detailed five-day forecast. HumorCast does have the upper hand in comparison to Authentic Weather in that it allows users to submit a phrase of their own to be uploaded and featured on the app. It is more customizable than Authentic Weather and allows users to choose a rating of 13+ or 17+ for the level of profanity. HumorCast has two upgrades that can be purchased including “multi-location” and “fun.” Multi-location, at $1.99, shows users the weather in different areas, and the “fun”, at $1.99, unlocks more phrases.

However, while Authentic Weather allows users to simply swipe left or right to change the background and unit of temperature, HumorCast requires users to change these settings in a separate section. I would recommend either of these apps. It’s a matter of personal preference. They are both hilarious and make the lousy task of checking the weather enjoyable.


Authentic Weather screenshot

When in doubt about the weather, head over to Authentic Weather. When in doubt about personal hygiene, head over to Authentic Weather. Basically, just go get Authentic Weather.



In case all those times your mom told you to wear a jacket didn’t sink in, HumorCast has got your back. Make your mama proud and wear your jacket.


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