Posted at 4 p.m. Nov. 15, 2016


Team reaches national tournament for second consecutive year

Flag Raising

Tournament bound:

Shauni Griffiths and the LCCC women’s soccer team is heading back to the national tournament after winning the district title over Snow in a shootout.

Cody Fox

The Laramie County Community College women’s soccer team earned its spot at the national tournament on Nov. 5, in a nail-biting shootout win over Snow College in Ephraim, Utah.

“I thought we played pretty well, it was a rough field and a different environment for our team,” Jim Gardner, women’s soccer coach said. “Snow did a good job of high pressuring us but I think we still did a good job controlling the game.”

The game was a defensive match-up in which neither team scored in regulation. The match was ruled a tie after double overtime which triggered a penalty kick shootout to determine a winner. LCCC won the shootout 4-3. The win over Snow College extends the Golden Eagles’ win streak to 17.

Midfielders Shauni Griffiths, Natalie De Marco, Abby Morillon and defensemen Aubri Schneider scored on their penalty kick attempts.

Midfielder Aubrey Gessner had six shots on goal in the match, and played the entire 110 minutes.

“I was very happy with the way the girls performed in the shootout,” Gardner said. “They were very strong minded, and they didn’t flinch a bit.”

Goalie Jess Urquhart had seven saves in the match, and Snow College’s goalie Hanna Johnson had 14.

Flag Raising

Shooting for nationals:

Midfielder Nikita Woods works for a chance at nationals.

Cody Fox

“It was a long trip; it took us two days to get there and two days coming back,” Gardner said. “The different climate, different referees and a different field was rough. The way the girls performed was nothing short of overcoming and they were still able to maintain their goal of making it to the national tournament. Now that we’re going, our goal is to bring home a national championship.”

Forward Jemma House had five shots on goal. House is ranked fourth in the nation with 29 gone and first in the nation with 145 shots. Griffiths is ranked seventh in the nation with 18 assists.

The Golden Eagles are heading to Melbourne, Florida, for the national tournament Nov. 14, through Nov. 19. They will begin with pool play and then move on to bracket play. The seeding and pools have not yet been announced.


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