Posted at 5 p.m. Nov. 1, 2016

Volleyball moves onto regionals this week

The Laramie County Community College volleyball team finished its regular season and continues to keep a strong focus to go on and win the Regionals this week.

The Golden Eagles finished 2nd in the conference after Northwest defeated them on Friday, Oct. 25. This is the highest the team has ranked in the program’s history since LCCC reintroduced volleyball in 2005.

“It was definitely a big step forward for us after finishing in fourth place last season,” coach Austin Albers said. “It is difficult to jump two spots and we feel very good that we are on pace to make a postseason run. We were not picked to finish in the top two, so we exceeded the expectations and predictions from the coaches in the conference.”

The Golden Eagles finished the conference 13-4 and 24-8 overall. From preseason to postseason, the Golden Eagles’ level of play has continued to grow and improve throughout the season.

“We've had our bumps in the road, as all teams do, but our team has done an excellent job of using those as learning experiences and it has kept us humble and working hard,” Albers said.

Albers is hoping the players won’t let the hard work go to waste.

“This week we worked on us,” Albers said. “We had implemented some things early in the season that we really liked and then we went away from them for the second half of the conference season to try and get teams off the scent of what we plan to do for the tournament. We are now bringing back a lot of those things and adding some things that we've been working on in practice to try and look like a different team at the tournament and catch some teams by surprise”.

Albers also explained how every team is now on equal terms going into the nationals. It all comes down to which team shows up at regionals and which teams don’t.

“Looking at the big picture, I feel that we are equipped to go the distance and win the whole thing. I believe that we have the most balanced team and the talent to get it done,” Albers said.

The Golden Eagles’ first regional game is on Wednesday, Nov. 2, against Central Wyoming College. LCCC previously defeated Central Wyoming twice during the regular season but LCCC will have a home advantage as they are hosting the tournament.

“The Central Wyoming match-up is going to present an interesting dynamic. Although they have struggled during the regular season, they are a very difficult team to plan against. If we can get past them being ‘the home team’ then I like our chances against other opponents on a neutral floor,” Albers said.


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