New counselor provides personalized service

By Careyanne Johnson

A new mental health counselor has been selected to serve in the Laramie County Community College counseling and campus wellness center.

Eirin Grimes
Eirin Grimes

A similar position was held by Chris Clark, a former counselor.

According to Eirin Grimes, her position differs from Clark’s by offering mental health services that are more personally oriented and that help people cope with more widespread personal issues.

Counselors are available from 8 a.m.–5 p.m., but Grimes’ individual hours are from noon-9 p.m. Grimes said these new hours will accommodate other students in sports or other extracurricular activities whose schedules previously prevented them from seeking services.

The services Grimes provides to students include help with depression, substance abuse, anxiety and roommate conflicts, which Grimes said is most common so far with new freshmen moving into the Residence Hall.

Campus counseling position redefined

The changes to counseling and campus wellness were made because of misconnection with the students, Grimes said, Previously, students and counselors met for only a 10-minute time span, so the change was made to gain a deeper connection with residential students, athletes and Residence Hall advisers.

Grimes is a Laramie native, which is where she attended high school, and soon after she moved to Philadelphia, where she received her bachelor’s in business and administration at Villanova University.

She earned master’s degrees in government administration at the University of Pennsylvania and counselor education at the University of Wyoming. Grimes held a job on the LCCC campus as an academic adviser before she moved to the new position as a mental health counselor. 

“Your first year in college, especially if you are a Residence Hall student living on campus, can be the hardest thing you experience in college life, considering you’re away from home, and these new people are almost forced to become your new family and friends,” Grimes said. “It is my primary job to let you all know that you are not alone with any issues you are struggling with, so stop by my office, and I will see that your needs are dealt with in a healthy, responsible manner, with the correct amount of time dedicated to any conflicts you may be having.”

Grimes’ office is situated across the hall from where student IDs are issued or diagonally across the hall from the Emporium. Her office number is 307-778-1150.