Are you ready for the zombie web-ocalypse?

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Zombies seem to have taken over the hearts and minds of humans everywhere. In fact, the more zombie culture expands, the more zombie shelters have increased so that they outnumber fallout shelters built during the Cold War.

This is a very strange phenomenon considering no such virus exists that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. Still, zombies are contagious in that they infect our imaginations, and it seems no one is safe.

While few zombies are walking around in the rotting flesh, there certainly isn’t a lack of brain-craving, infectious undead lurking on the Internet. The zombie horde is out there in digital form, so grab your favorite shotgun and come with me as I guide you through the zombie web-ocalypse.

For those of you who want to be up to date on the latest zombie news, news sources on the Web keep you informed of all things undead.

The is a site dedicated to news relating to the “necro-mortosis¬©” virus, which, according to the site, was discovered in 2006. The wide variety of zombie-related news available is separated into many categories.

Visitors can surf news related specifically to certain regions of the world, or by topic. Science and medical news pages regarding research into zombies and the virus that causes them are extensive. One section features famous zombie hunters, which profiles some of the best undead killers in the world. Even a financial section covers how zombies are affecting the world economy. also has a letter to the editor section in which readers can share their zombie-related experiences.

What attracted me to this site was the serious nature of its presentation. For a news humor site (think of it like The Onion News for zombies), it is very, dare I say, professional. The articles are well-written in news format (albeit they could use an editor with a little experience in Associated Press style and journalism). It is a good example of how the news would look if zombies actually existed but didn’t eat the media.

On a more serious note, is a site not intended for humor. This site is a journal for everything zombie-related in the actual world. From cannibalism to strange illnesses and viruses “that may contribute to the animation of dead flesh,” The Undead Report has you covered. The site is intended to promote preparedness of the impending zombie apocalypse.

It features a shopping section that has everything you need to survive the zombie horde. You can purchase weapons, survival gear, zombie guides, food and a wide range of clothing.

My personal favorite is the zombie shooting targets they have for sale. These paper targets have pictures of zombies on them and are sure to assist in bettering your marksmanship skills. Remember to shoot them in the head.

Centers for Disease Control

For “official” U.S. government guidance on surviving the zombie apocalypse, the Centers for Disease Control issued via one of their social media blogs a zombie 101 survival guide.

The site lists all that one would need to survive a zombie disaster. Actually, it’s pretty much the same list you would need in any disaster, but still an excellent resource to develop a plan to keep your family safe on Z-day. The blog can be found at

Still need help organizing your zombie hunting equipment?, as always, is a great one-stop online shop for everything you need to purchase; zombie survival gear is no different. By searching the Listmania! feature of, you can easily get guidance on what you would need to survive.

By running a search in’s Listmania! for zombie survival, I was quickly bombarded with tons of lists featuring everything from basic survival guides to hardcore munitions. There are a lot of lists from which to choose, so it is best to take a look at them and select different items from each list that you may deem necessary. The best part is you can add the items on these lists directly to your shopping cart.

The only drawback is does not sell fully automatic weapons, so many of the links are to substitution products such as airsoft replicas of the actual gun. Of course, going full-auto probably will use your ammunition too quickly, so this might not be an issue, as does sell many semi-automatic firearms.

On the lighter side, the Web does offer an expansive assortment of zombie-related entertainment and gaming. There are thousands of free zombie games out there. So, if you want to train for the apocalypse or just have a few minutes to waste by killing the undead, the only zombie survival gear you need is a Flash-enabled Web browser.

The website at hosts and links to an impressive rotting horde of games to play on the Internet. Every genre is included from action and strategy to role-playing games, all filled with flesh-eating undead.

Hundreds of games on the site span the horribly cheesy to the outright bad-ass. Each game is rated with a scale from zero to five rotting eyeballs, so you know which ones are really worth playing.

My favorite game in this site was “Road of the Dead,” in which you must drive from city to city on a highway infested with broken-down cars and brain-craving zombies.

Be aware though that the zombies are not always the most dangerous thing out there on the road. I was constantly being plagued by burning emergency vehicles and pesky military members trying to prevent me from leaving the quarantine zone.

The biggest problem I had was I couldn’t stop running the zombies down with my car. Your car takes damage when you hit a zombie, but you just cannot beat that feeling you get when they splatter across your windshield. I agree with the site’s rating of this game at four and half rotting eyeballs.

For the zombie enthusiast, the guys over at have you covered for finding zombie-related media. The site has compiled a running list of every zombie-related piece of media out there. Every zombie movie, zombie book, zombie comic, zombie video game and even zombie-related community events are showcased at Zombiehub. Zombiehub lists each item in zombie media and has a synopsis of each.

So if you think you have seen all the flesh-eaters in film, or you want to broaden your expertise in the undead, check out this site to see if there may be an undead masterpiece you need to experience.

So go out on the Web, my would-be zombie slayers, and fight the horde. You may be humanity’s last chance. Stay safe. Stay human.