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"Rough steering"

One of the team's bulldoggers, Chance Englebert, wrestles a steer during practice for an upcoming rodeo.

Photo by Vycktoryja Selves

Rodeo season gets underway

By Vycktoryja Selves
Photo Editor

Laramie County Community College cowboys and cowgirls have been working hard the past few weeks since rodeo season started in September. During their first rodeo in Central Wyoming College Sept. 13-15, the LCCC rodeo team had a bumpy performance overall.

Slow start for men, build momentum going forward

Though the weather was less than favorable, the men’s team placed 10th with 45 points. Chance Englebert tied for sixth in bareback riding with a combined score of 132.0. The women’s team placed fifth in barrel racing with Jorry Lammers earning 36.64 points in the event.

In their second rodeo, at Chardon State College on Sept. 20-22, LCCC gained momentum, placing the men’s team in second place for an overall score of 415.0 points. This tied them with the University of Wyoming. LCCC made major improvements from its first rodeo with some noticeable performers. Blayne Bradley gained high scores in the tie down roping event with a combined time of 19.6. Peter Walnofer tied for second in steer wrestling with a combined time of 10.8, and Dillon Simonson finished fourth with a combined time of 11.4. Englebert earned points again for LCCC when he tied for fifth in bareback riding with a combined score of 145.0.

Top performers for women, scoring remains low

Tawny Barry, Lammers and Katelyn Ellis also performed well for the women’s team with an overall score of 75.0. Barry won the goat tying competition with a time of 13.5. Lammers placed fourth in barrel racing with a combined time of 34.01. Ellis finished seventh in goat tying with a combined time of 16.0.

In Sheridan, despite wet conditions, the LCCC rodeo team had an all-around good showing with the women’s team placing seventh and the men’s team placing eighth out of 13 teams Sept. 28–29.

On the women’s team, Brandy Brown finished second in the breakaway roping with a combined time of 9.0; Shana Lyons tied for sixth in goat tying with a combined time of 16.6, and Ellis finished eighth in the same event with a combined time of 17.9.

For the rodeo team, the women haven’t scored many points, but Coach David Browder said he didn’t blame them. Browder must choose a set number of students before each rodeo to count for the team’s score. Browder said, “It’s hard to pick which one is going to do good every week.”

By watching them practice every day, Browder determines whom to count for the team’s score during rodeos on the weekend. ”Overall, as a team, the women’s team scored 475 points, but I’ve only picked 75 of those points,” he said.

This doesn’t stop him from being optimistic. On the team, some freshmen are roping well. “If they just put together two good runs, it’s going to be big for us,” he said. “I could see our girls having a 500-point rodeo,” he said.

Regional standings for team

As of Sept. 30, the LCCC women’s rodeo team stands eighth place with 75 points total in the Central Rocky Mountain Region. In the goat tying event Barry tied for first with 170 points, and Ellis placed 13th in the region. At 120 points, Lammers held fifth place in the barrel racing event in the region.

On the men’s team, Englebert tied for third in the region in bareback riding with a combined score of 140, while Brandon Moen tied for sixth with a combined score of 132.

In the steer wrestling event, Simonson finished seventh with a combined time of 17.9.

For the region, the men placed seventh with 460 points.

In the bareback riding event, Englebert placed seventh with 100 points. Bradley held third place in the region with 120 points in the tie down event. Steer wrestlers Peter Walnofer and Simonson held fifth with 140 points and sixth place with 100 points for the region.

Upcoming events for rodeo team

As the team gets ready for the rodeo in Lamar, Colo., Oct. 4-6, students practice hard to perfect their technique.

As the host of the Shawn Dubie Memorial Rodeo, Oct. 11-13, the team is looking forward to the event. Coach Browder said he “wants to make sure we put on a good rodeo.”


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