Posted at 12 p.m. Oct. 17, 2013

Promising pianist:

Grant Drinnen diligently practices in outgrown facilities.

Photo by Mandy Neely

Music program seeks national accreditation

Consultant to inspect,
prepare department

By Mandy Neely

The dissonant sounds of music majors practicing their multiple instruments at Laramie County Community College can be heard most afternoons. The blend of classical and modern music emanating from the various closed-door rooms in the Fine Arts Building mix in a way that showcases the multiple talents in the music department.

While the students of the LCCC music department work to be recognized by traveling to various competitions and conferences, the instructors are taking a step for students’ futures by seeking national accreditation.

On Oct. 22–23, Dr. Eugene Fellin, a retired professor from Radford University who is acting as a consultant is traveling from New York to Cheyenne to examine the LCCC music program. The consultant will determine where the program excels and where it doesn’t. Therefore, in a year, when the program undergoes scrutiny for the actual accreditation process from the National Association of Schools of Music, it will have had time to address problems.

The program will be examined to determine whether it meets the national standards in the level of courses that apply to degrees, the standards of staffing, the space available and general effectiveness of the program.

Dr. Judy Ransom, instructor of choral music, and Gary Hall, instructor of instrumental music, both said the main problem with the program is it has outgrown its facilities. The main rehearsal room is a small space that requires rearranging with every new musical group who walks through the door because this room is used for most of the music classes, such as the four different levels of music theory, as well as every group’s rehearsal.

Music majors are required to perform in convocations, a public solo performance that determines the level they have reached in their lessons. These performances will also be watched to examine the effectiveness of the teachings.

Dillon Cogdal, a performance major who will perform in the upcoming convocation on Oct. 23, said this consultation will “take into consideration what we don’t have.”



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