Posted at 12 p.m., Oct. 17, 2013

Current students to register early
for first time in college history

By Kyle Herzfeld
Features Editor

Laramie County Community College will initiate a new early registration week for current students starting Nov. 12.

Stacy Maestas, LCCC registrar, said: “The purpose is to encourage current students to enroll early for their next semester, stay continuously enrolled and to ensure that those current students get the opportunity to register for those classes that fill early ahead of new students. We want our current students to know they have an advantage over students who are not here yet.” Previously all students registered simultaneously.

Early registration will assist students currently taking highly competitive classes such as “Anatomy” and “Physiology,” courses that fill up quickly.

In addition to making classes available to current students, the early registration option will save current students money by removing the possibility that a student will need to take a single class next semester in order to graduate.

Maestas said, “Current students should be aware if they wish to register early, they should be visiting with their advisers early, so that they don't get held up because they can't get into an adviser.” No classes will be held Tuesday, Nov. 5, so that students can make appointments with their advisers.

In addition to helping students get into their classes faster, early registration will enable current students to gather all their course materials faster, become more adept in navigating the maze known as D2L, LCCC’s software that shows course information including, course name, the teacher’s name, homework due, grades and a class list. Additionally, early registration will encourage current students to gather all financial aid information faster, which in turn will afford the financial aid office more time to answer more questions.

New students will have more options available to them if they cannot get into one of the competitive classes, while current students will have a week of early registration to get into competitive classes.

The new course list will be available in November in both online and print formats. The printed version will be available in the Student Services Building, and the first day of the spring semester starts on Jan. 13.

Though early registration was instituted to assist current students in completing college, it is not the only change coming to LCCC.

Maestas said other changes include “ending late registration for classes as much as is possible.” She added: “You'll see some work being done to redesign some of our developmental classes in English and math to better serve students in those classes. Most of the changes you'll see are the proven best practices in community colleges, and all of them together will move us toward higher graduation (completion) rates.”


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