Posted at 12 p.m. Oct. 17, 2013

Candance Werner and Tim Webber

Whovians, unite:

Candance Werner and Tim Webber dressed as Amy Pond and the Doctor, from the BBC series "Dr. Who."

Photo byLiv Orton

Anime Club braves floods

Students attend noted Denver anime convention

By Olivia Orton
Campus and Social Media Editor

DENVER––Laramie County Community College’s Anime Club braved stormy conditions and navigated around closed roads in order to attend Nan Desu Kan Sept. 13–15 in Denver, Colo. Nan Desu Kan (NDK) is one of the top 15 largest Japanese anime conventions in the country. Its name is a Japanese pun, loosely translated as “What is it?”

Despite flooding of biblical proportions along the Front Range, the convention reached its attendance cap for the third year in a row. NDK features many opportunities to indulge in Japanese culture, whether through watching various anime movies, music videos and TV shows, meeting voice actors from popular anime or simply viewing a wide variety of cosplaying attendees. “Cosplay” is a portmanteau of “costume play,” and “cosplayers” can take a great deal of time, effort and money in creating their costumes perfectly to match the character they choose to portray.

During the convention qualified contestants compete in a Cosplay Walk for best cosplay to win a trophy and a free ticket to next year’s events. While some people chose to cosplay during NDK, an equal numbers prefer, had just to enjoy their time dressed as themselves.

Despite the overall Japanese theme, NDK does not cater to anime afficionados alone. For every person cosplaying as a character from “Pokemon,” an equal number of people were costumed as characters from the British series “Doctor Who,” which is what LCCC Anime Club members Candance Werner, Josh Hill, and Tim Webber chose to portray.

“Seeing all the costumes is my favorite part about NDK,” said Werner, president of the Anime Club. “It’s like Halloween come early. When I get to talk to them [other cosplayers] and find out how they got or made their costume, it’s always interesting.”

Video games were a major attraction as well. In one large area dubbed “The Game Room,” every available space was devoted to gamers. Several tournaments were held for more popular games, including “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” “Halo 4” and “Persona 4.” An option was available to play one-on-one at the latest “Street Fighter” or “Soul Caliber” game or a four-person game of “Super Smash Bros: Melee” or “Rock Band.” An entire room was devoted solely to “Dance Dance Revolution.”

LCCC Anime Club

When: second and fourth Friday at 6 p.m., Fine Arts Building, Rm 149
Who: Anyone
Fees: None
Contact: Candance Werner, 720-297-9293; Derek Hoffman,
Officers: Candace Werner, president; Derek Hoffman, vice president; Ashley Howard, treasurer; Corey Nelson, secretary
Purposes: The LCCC Anime Club is for those who have an interest in Japanese culture, anime and manga and wish to attend anime viewings and discussions.