Building design approved:

Architect Stephan Pappas explains to the board of trustees new schematic designs of the UW/Student Center. Construction of the four-story building is set to begin in March 2015.

Photo by Tamara Rodgers

Posted at 11:52 p.m., Oct. 1, 2014

UW/Student Center takes next step

The Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees took the next step in their Building Forward plan by approving the University of Wyoming/Student Center schematic design at the Oct. 1 meeting.

This new building, to be the entry way for the campus, is scheduled to be built north of the Blue Arches and extend into the parking around it and the dining hall. No new parking is scheduled to replace the space the new building will take; however, some of the allotted landscaping space could be turned into parking if necessary later, and funding is available.

Currently, the center is budgeted for $26 million, but the cost is up to $26.493 million. Stephan Pappas, a Pappas and Pappas architect, said, “We’re very confident we can bring it down.” He added they were overestimating the cost per square foot of the building by $45 and could reduce the material costs by using less expensive material like brick instead of stone in some areas.

The next step is to go into the design stage and create a more accurate cost.  

The building will be four stories high and include a small, 5,000-square-foot basement area for storage. The first floor will contain a large multipurpose room that can be split into three sections and hold approximately 115 people each. The west side of the first floor will be the one-stop center for student needs. This will hold the admissions office, counseling and wellness center, advising offices, student records offices and a new bookstore with a coffee shop inside. 

The second floor will be focused more toward students and faculty. It will have five classrooms that each will hold 20-30 people, faculty offices, an assessment center, a new office for the vice president of student services and a new board room.

The third floor will be the University of Wyoming floor. It will hold several shared audio/visual classrooms as well as office space for employees.

The fourth floor will hold more classrooms and four science labs. These science labs are positioned at the top to cut down on ventilation costs.

The building is scheduled to be 70 feet high, only five feet short of the maximum allowance. This height does not include a grand tower that will act as a visual marker for the entrance to the college.
After the design phase is completed and the building plan is approved, the building is scheduled to break ground sometime next March.