Posted at 5:23 p.m., Nov. 3, 2014

Plan for the future now, relax tomorrow

New advising model in place to help students navigate, avoid obstacles

It is never too early to begin planning for the spring semester. The most important part of that process is student advising and registration.

Laramie County Community College’s vice president of student services, Judy Hay, said, “Advising is the centerpiece of a student’s life in college.”

Earlier in the year, LCCC implemented a new advising model. As of spring 2014 a new “case management model” was implemented. All new students, beginning in the spring, are assigned a professional adviser until they graduate.

Hay said the old model of advising allowed for a higher chance of students to “fall through the cracks,” and a lack “of follow through,” was possible. Students were earning more credits than they needed for their degrees, which also meant they were advancing through their financial aid. By their senior year of college, they were less likely to finish because of the lack of funds.

Helping navigate rough waters

By being assigned an adviser under the new model, students should succeed in tracking their college progress. Hay explained, “This is the way we can guarantee every student is advised.” The adviser’s job is to help students develop a plan and stick to it.

“Advisers give advice and help students navigate the rough waters as well as the calm waters,” Hay said.

Nov. 4 is Advising and Faculty Connections Planning, otherwise known as advising day. No classes are scheduled on this day, so faculty are available to meet with students in their program and discuss future classes. However, students are still required to meet with their assigned adviser.

Hay said, “[Faculty/instructors] are going to have a different role that is being developed right now and that is called a mentor.” Every instructor is different as to what he will provide on that day, and students should discuss that with them prior to Nov. 4.  

Early registration has benefits

Nov. 11 is the first day of spring registration for current students. What is the benefit to registering early? Hay explained, “You don’t have to fight with new students to get the classes you want.”

To be able to register, a current student must first have an idea of his current grades, obtain a copy of his unofficial transcript, complete the Think About It Survey, and have met with his assigned adviser.

Hay highly recommended students call and schedule an appointment with their adviser. The number for the advising center is 307-778-1214. They are also available through email at  The advising center is situated across from the LCCC Bookstore in the College Community Center building and is available for walk-ins.

Nov. 18 is the first day of open enrollment for the spring semester. Payment for spring registration is due by Jan. 5, 2015.

New students are guided through registering and advising with the enrollment process. Beginning this fall semester, first-entry students are mandated to attend an LCCC orientation. This, too, has changed from the past.

“Now orientation is much more based on the things students absolutely need before they start their classes,” Hay said, “rather than being socially based.”

So, if you need help circumnavigating the various and sometimes challenging stages of being a college student, schedule a time to meet with your assigned adviser. After all, it is required.



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