Posted at 2:35 p.m. Oct. 2, 2015

New human resources director brings new ideas

Tammy Maas

Photo by Shari Johnson

Tammy Maas

New goals have been developed and made for the human resources team, said Tammy Maas, who is the new human resources director.

Maas has lived in Wyoming since the early 1980s after growing up in Wisconsin. A summer job offer brought her to Wyoming, she said. At first she lived in Jackson Hole, which is where she said she fell in love with the state. After the summer job ended, she moved permanently to the state to attend college and became a part of the community.

When the position opened, Maas was happy to apply. Previously, Maas was chief of staff for the Wyoming Army National Guard. She said she chose LCCC because she has been a member of the community and has attended classes offered on campus where she noticed she enjoys the atmosphere, people and the reputation that the college has in the community. These factors helped Maas decide that LCCC was an organization she wanted to be a part of, she said.

“The human resources department needs no major changes,” Maas said, “but we want to improve.” Maas said she wants to improve in customer service and become better known at LCCC. In doing so, some goals include improving the response time and being proactive in the community by publishing a newsletter as well as putting together a benefits fair. “Basically, the department summarizes the goals for improvement as being visible and proactive,” she said.

There are three open positions in the HR department. She is currently filling two of them but wants to be fully staffed as soon as possible, which has become a priority, she said.

The human resources department has accepted these new goals and is working together to achieve them. The department published its first newsletter in September and hope to publish one monthly as the academic year continues.