Posted at 10:50 a.m. Oct. 12, 2015

Senators elected, committee assignments

The newly elected Laramie County Community College Student Government Association senators were appointed to their new committees during the Sept. 29 meeting.

Garrett Wilkerson has joined the Elections Committee, which is responsible for holding elections once in the spring and once in the fall and is also responsible for recruiting students for those elections.

Jenny Smith will be working with the Service Committee, which focuses on “promoting civic participation for campus and community activities by SGA Senators and all students on the campus at large.”

Jacqueline Galloway has been appointed to the Diversity Committee, which “is responsible for representing all students as active participants on the LCCC Diversity Committee.”

Lastly, Spencer Neugebauer will be working with the Visibility Committee, which promotes “the image of SGA to the campus community and ensure the availability and accessibility of SGA Senators to serve the needs of students on campus.”

Students had until Sept. 24 to vote for the senators either at the SGA desk across from the Emporium or on Eagles Eye. During that voting period, the SGA desk was equipped with three laptops for voting, served pizza to those who voted, and used candy and balloons to draw students in.

Approximately 248 students voted; Neugebauer was voted in with 73 votes, Wilkerson had 69, Galloway had 60 and Smith finished with 46 votes. There were 11 candidates total who signed up for this semester’s elections, to which President Danielle Kienzle said SGA was happy about since the fall election is the smaller of the two. Students who voted were asked to pick four names from the list. The candidates who were not voted in were: Tori Passarelli (school of Arts and Humanities) with 37 votes, Nigel Latham (school of business, agriculture and technical studies) with 18 votes and Suzie Rhodes (school of health science and wellness) with 20 votes. The following four students were from the school of math and sciences: Ben Harris with 44 votes, Chad Kolkman with 39 votes, Troy Lemmons with 53 votes and Kiley Ridgway with 21 votes.

Although some candidates had higher vote counts than others, SGA keeps diversity in the organization by voting in a certain number of candidates from different schools within the college.

In other SGA business from both the Sept. 29 and the Oct. 6 meetings:

Kienzle collected the comments she requested the senators get from faculty and students regarding the attendance policy concerns mentioned during the Sept. 15 SGA meeting.

Former ex-officio Jaime Quinones is no longer representing the voice of students at the Board of Trustees meetings. SGA held a silent vote for a new ex-officio; Senator Noah Cheshier was voted in to fill this position.

Kienzle reiterated to the senators that she went to the Board of Trustees meeting on Sept. 23 and clarified some things said by LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer: The Flex-Tech building project is on time and on budget. She also said the president presented the board with the three-week enrollment report, which is at 3,807, 2 percent down from last year.

Kienzle requested the senators stay up-to-date on coming events and to take notes during meetings in order to inform students on what takes place and is discussed during the meetings.

SGA Vice President Sawyer Burkett said he spoke to Vice President of Student Services Judy Hay about Sex Week and the elections and he said she was very proud of the turnout for both events.

Finally, a meeting was set up with Sodexo for Oct. 6. to bring attention to concerns about the Emporium, including hot food no longer being served.