Posted at 11 a.m. Oct. 18, 2016

Get some virtual Aloe for that Bern

Users can decide the best candidate with political apps

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Rock ‘em, sock ‘em;

For stress relief, try Political Knockout. It might not solve the world’s problems, but it will at least make you smile.


From political matchmaking to beating the crap out of your virtual candidate’s foe, as they say, “There’s an app for that.” For the “I don’t know who to vote for, they both suck,” undecided voter to the one who just thinks one candidate deserves to be punched in the face, check out Voter-Matchmaking for Politics and Political Knock Out.

This election year Voter-Matchmaking for Politics by Voter, LLC., makes determining the fate of the country for the next four years a little bit easier.

In the short time I used it, I didn’t see any ads pop up, which is always nice. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?

Now, while knowing what issues will impact us, picking a side may or may not seem just as daunting. Voter can help determine which political party best fits your ideals. From liberal to conservative, or somewhere in between, Voter will analyze your political beliefs and match you with the party and candidate closest to your ideals.

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Voter offers users questions in which the user’s response determines which political party fits best. It also offers an information if the user is unsure of what exactly the issue is or what it means. And in case there’s an “oops” moment and the user swiped left instead of right, there’s also an undo button, which is better than accidentally swiping the wrong direction on Tinder.

This app offers questions such as, “abolish the death penalty?”, “increase the minimum wage?”, “keep same-sex marriage legal?”, and the list goes on.

These questions are also kept in categories called levels. There is a different number of questions per level and the issues get more in-depth as the levels increase. At the end of each level, the app updates the user on which party best fits them and which candidate would best represent their values.

Overall, this app, available on iOS and Android, is incredibly informative and helpful to take some of the confusion out of a process that truly affects everyone. I would recommend this to anyone.

On a lighter note, another option for some political entertainment, I bring you, Political Knockout PKO by IMAGIN8 STUDIOS.

PKO allows you to choose a presidential candidate to start a campaign to take over the world. For those of you who may be familiar with “Tekken” or “Street Fighter,” this is right up your alley.

To start a campaign, you have a choice to fight as President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton or Bernie Sanders. These are all unlocked. Others who are available, but are locked, are Kim Jong Un, Benjamin Netanyahu, Fidel Castro, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Saddam Hussein.

After choosing a fighter, your candidate battles a computer-generated political opponent. There are three punches, three kicks, a direction wheel and “B” to block. It’s up to you to choose how you use it.

Your fighter will face an opponent for two rounds, three if it is a tie, and a campaign will only be won by defeating five opponents.

PKO is a free download with in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $1.99 and it is the only app by the developers. PKO is available for Apple and Android for free.

While I was entertained by the entire concept and had a ton of fun in my first fight, I was not impressed by the fact that only the first fight is free. You can start as many campaigns as you want to but will not be able to complete a campaign or use the locked characters without a purchase. If you’re OK with that, then fight away, but personally, I would not recommend this app.


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