Posted at 1 p.m. Oct. 24, 2016

Wellness eliminates position

Not enough students used the part-time nurse to continue staffing

All the campus counseling and wellness services that were available during the last academic year are still available except for one.

Mindy Falkner, the Laramie County Community College Campus Health and Wellness coordinator, said “the only service that we used to offer last year that is not currently available is the part-time nurse.This service was available for three full semesters and the numbers did not substantiate bringing this service back. We also still provide students with the Tuesday evening student health clinic and offer community resources for students too.”

Falkner said the services are stable and have been meeting students’ needs at LCCC. The Wellness Center is here to assist students in skill development that will enhance their personal wellness and ability to succeed at LCCC, she said.

The Wellness Center works with LCCC students who they think have the ability to help themselves while the team assists them with their problems, Falkner said.

“We offer short-term individual counseling, couples and groups counseling,” Falkner said. “If the student needs more long-term intensive care, we provide referrals to community resources.”

There are workshops that are offered related to what the student is experiencing. For example, if a student is experiencing stress or anxiety, there are workshops to help with that specific area. In addition, staff engages in programming for students with other departments on topics such as sexual assault, brain health and substance use. They also conduct classroom presentations on mental health topics and coping skills.

“Our program is both in the student lounge and in the Residence Halls and all services are free to students, however, the students need to be enrolled in at least one course,” Falkner said.

LCCC still provides students with the Tuesday evening student health clinic, which is available from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Wellness Center located in the College Community Center, room 129.

“A resident from UW Family Medicine comes to provide a free health clinic for students,” Falkner said. “The clinic provides prescriptions, various testing for things like mono or flu, and basic medical care.”

Nursing instructor Karen Clark-Bond helps coordinate the Tuesday evening clinic, and LCCC health care students volunteer to help with the clinic.

Falkner is confident that the campus wellness services are truly helping LCCC students.

“We absolutely believe that we are meeting the needs of students and have received such feedback,” Falkner said. “If we receive information that we are not meeting student needs, we do our best to meet those needs.”

“We participate in resource fairs on campus and also bring in community resources to those fairs,” Falkner said. “These groups include: Grace for 2 Brothers, Safehouse, LifeCare, Family Planning, Sheriff’s Department Victims’ Advocates, Cheyenne Police Department Victims’ Advocates, the SANE nurse and more.”

In the 2015-16 academic year, the center had a total of 400 counseling sessions, 62 CARE Team cases and 1,540 student contacts through programming.