ACC expansion to use existing space, consider UW land offer

By Susann Robbins

At a study session Sept. 7, the Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees gave direction to the campus master plan team and the college’s administration to maintain the current Albany County Campus and continue discussing the possibility of building a facility on land donated by the University of Wyoming.

Vice chair of the LCCC Board of Trustees Greg Thomas said maintaining the current facility in Albany County would allow LCCC to keep its current identity and cater to students who prefer a nontraditional college experience such as night classes and workforce development courses. Thomas said he would like LCCC also to work in conjunction with UW on constructing a building on its campus that LCCC would use to offer traditional 1000 level classes.

“What we think we can do and what we will probably ask for is to ask the university to build that building and lease it to us,” Thomas said. He said this would allow LCCC to minimize its upfront capital outlay.

The trustees were originally presented three options in the campus master plan but came up with a fourth idea to maintain two facilities in Albany County at a special business meeting Aug. 31.

Albany County Campus Option 1
ACC Option 1. Courtesy

Option 1:

The first original option was to take advantage of the land LCCC already owns and add to the back of it. A two-story building was proposed, and the rest would have been developed into parking spaces, said Carol Hoglund, LCCC vice president of administration and finance.

Albany County Campus Option 2
ACC Option 2. Courtesy

Option 2:

The second option was to purchase land from the city of Laramie adjacent to the currently owned land. There is enough room to add a couple of buildings and some parking.

Albany County Campus Option 3
ACC Option 3. Courtesy

Option 3:

The third option was to take advantage of the offer from the University of Wyoming and build a facility on its campus. UW offered a partnership area, which LCCC could use. Parking would be factored into the donated land near War Memorial Stadium.

No cost comparisons among the options have been made.

Option one would have limited the possible growth of the campus, and some thought option three could cause LCCC to lose its identity.

Option one, which kept the ACC at its current space, just meets the current demand and is still somewhat limiting, Hoglund said. She added additional parking is planned, but this would have to be two tiered because the part of the land is on a hill, Hoglund said. If LCCC could acquire the land adjacent to what it already owns, it would give it more possibility to grow in the future, Hogland said.

Hoglund said taking advantage of the UW land offer would offer room for growth, but a downside would be the parking and transit situation. A parking lot is planned at the exterior of the campus, and students would be bused in.

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