College master plan exercises new additions to PE, athletics

By Cody Medrano

To increase Laramie County Community College’s capacity to host sporting events and make the campus’s facilities a better fit for intercollegiate athletes, the college has included in its campus master plan draft an expansion to the current athletic facilities and a new multipurpose athletic facility.

Current facilities sufficient for education, lacking for athletics

LCCC’s interim president, Dr. Miles LaRowe, said the current PE Building is sufficient for physical education but limits the college’s capacity to host sporting events.

Future LCCC Athletics Facilities

Locations of the new athletics facilities proposed in the draft of the LCCC master plan are shown. Courtesy.

“I really think the gymnasium leaves a lot to be desired in regards to intercollegiate athletics,” LaRowe said. He said the current gymnasium is too small to accommodate seating at such intercollegiate events.

New multipurpose facility planned

The new multipurpose athletic facility would be situated on the northwest side of campus of the master plan, and the plan also shows a new athletic field near the planned multipurpose facility. Carol Hoglund, vice president of administration and finance, said the college may use more nearby land as the college sees fit.

“This is kind of a flex space. We can either make this another athletic field or parking,” Hoglund said.

Existing facilities to be renovated

LaRowe said the college will focus on building a new gymnasium regarding the renovations to the athletic facilities.

“Of course, that would incorporate the opportunity for improved volleyball and so on,” LaRowe said. Hoglund added the college has not yet completed a level-two study regarding the changes to the campus athletic facilities, so it does not know some specific aspects of the facilities.

“A master plan just tells you where you can put buildings and the approximate size,” Hoglund said. “At this stage, we haven’t designed any building itself.”

LaRowe said the college has not yet estimated the cost of the improvements to the athletic facilities.

“It’s a moving target,” he said. “We don’t know what that will actually be come time for construction. We always assume that there will be some inflationary factors with regards to building supplies and so on.”

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