Master plan provides space for new UW Outreach Center

By Susann Robbins

The University of Wyoming outreach building is a priority within the campus master plan because it has been in the works for quite some time, said Laramie County Community College’s vice president of finance and administration, Carol Hoglund.

LCCC’s interim president, Dr. Miles LaRowe, also stated the UW outreach building has already been approved by the Legislature, and so far, UW and LCCC have agreed to split the cost. UW is going forward in requesting planning dollars, and LCCC is one step closer to funding approval.

UW Outreach Center Location
Location of the new Univeristy of Wyoming Outreach Center proposed in the draft of the LCCC master plan is shown. Courtesy.

The building was authorized by the Wyoming Community College Commission on Aug. 19 and ranked sixth on a list of 14 building requests. Hoglund said criteria that weighed heavily in the WCCC’s ranking were whether the construction is a new building or renovation and whether it is needed because of a health and safety risk.

According to the level one study, the building would cost a little more than $26 million, Hoglund said.

Hoglund said construction should begin within a year after more planning has been done.

LaRowe said the location of the building was determined by its proximity to the Student Services Building.

“There has been a demand for four-year degrees in Cheyenne for awhile. Hopes are also that the ‘non-completers’ of four-year degrees will be picked up along the way and finish their degrees,” LaRowe said.

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