Campus remodels: improves safety, updates visuals

By Farishna Brown

During the summer, 10 major repair projects were done at Laramie County Community College for an overall cost of $2.2 million.

It was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which is a form of government stimulus money, said Tim Macnamara, director of the LCCC physical plant.

Macnamara said the repairs were completed without much trouble although some items took a little more time than expected.

The repairs were needed for specific reasons, Macnamara continued. The roofs of the PE, science, fine arts, business and auto diesel buildings were replaced because of leaks. The fire alarm systems in eight buildings were modernized and upgraded for safety purposes.

The east PE lockers received new finishes. Western fine arts received new carpet and wall coverings to replace the 1980s' orange, as well as new ceilings and lights. The Albany County Campus replaced heating and ventilation equipment because of old age.

The LCCC dental hygiene clinic is being remodeled for safety concerns. The floor in dental hygiene is being replaced because tiles on the floor, which were 20 years old and no longer manufactured, were separating and becoming hazardous, said Val Rodekohr, program director of dental hygiene. The renovation also includes new equipment for the clinic.

"In addition to that, the equipment was also 20 years old, and some of it was becoming obsolete or difficult to repair," Rodekohr said. Rodekohr also said the renovations added functionality to the clinic.

"It gives us the capability for an extra unit that we have not had previously, and that allows us to serve more patients from the community," Rodekohr said.

It was estimated that by the time this project is done it will cost $500,000 overall. The funding comes from various sources such as ARRA, a Perkins grant and institutional money.

The renovations to dental hygiene are expected to be completed by the end of September.