Posted: Sept. 5, 2012 at 11:30 p.m.

Board supports concurrent enrollment accreditation

The Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees supported the college seeking accreditation for its concurrent enrollment programs at the Sept. 5 study session.

The dean of the lifelong learning center, Maryellen Tast, and the director of the center for secondary students, Brenda Abbott, received support from the trustees to move forward in seeking accreditation from the National Allegiance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP), a program that aims to ensure college courses that are offered in high schools meet the same rigorous standards of the host college.

LCCC raises bar for community colleges in Wyoming

President Dr. Joe Schaffer said LCCC would be the first campus in Wyoming to pursue NACEP standards and noted the college currently has higher standards than Wyoming’s six other community colleges for monitoring and delivering concurrent enrollment. Abbott echoed the president’s statements and said the college has “raised the bar at every point,” and she noted that although the state has given five years for colleges to comply with faculty quality standards, LCCC is aiming to meet the standard in three years.

Dean Tast said LCCC and Laramie County School District No. 1 were a few of the few colleges and districts in the state that was not engaged in Boards of Cooperative Higher Education (BOCHES). BOCHES are collaborations between school districts and community colleges to increase funding and opportunities for students by pooling resources. The trustees expressed interest in creating partnerships with school districts in Laramie and Albany counties.

Board favors NACEP accreditation

“If it’s not done right—it’s not a benefit to the students, it’s not a benefit to the district, it’s not a benefit to LCCC, and that’s the bottom line.” Kevin Kilty, trustee

Board chair Greg Thomas said he was a proponent of pursuing NACEP accreditation because ultimately it would promote the college within the community and offer a valuable service to the community in return.

Trustee Kevin Kilty also supported the decision to seek NACEP accreditation; however, he said, “If it’s not done right—it’s not a benefit to the students, it’s not a benefit to the district, it’s not a benefit to LCCC, and that’s the bottom line.”

The college currently is offering three ways for high school students to receive college credit including:

Goals for FY 2013 laid out

In other business, the board examined its priorities for the fiscal year 2013 as well as Schaffer’s personal goals for the year. The top priority for the trustees is to invest in instruction, focusing on full-time faculty positions, followed by progressing the college’s “Building Forward” facilities plan.

The college has finished level one planning for the University/Student Center, and the board reviewed the report that will be voted upon at the Sept. 19 board business meeting.

Board priorities FY 2013

President Schaffer's personal goals FY 2013


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