SAGE TRiO moves around campus to recruit

Laramie County Community College SAGE TRiO is recruiting students to join the program.

SAGE TriO is a federally funded program that strives to help students complete their college degree and, ultimately, to transfer them to four-year institutions. Throughout the semester the SAGE TRiO office will move around campus to visit with prospective students.

On Sept. 12 it will be in the Arp Building; Sept. 20, the Fine Arts Building, and on Sept. 25 it can be found in the Health Sciences Building.

In October the office will be in the Agriculture Building on Oct. 3. On Oct. 11 it will be in the PE Building. Oct. 16 the office will be situated in the Student Lounge. On Oct. 24 it will be back in the Arp Building.

The office will return to the Business Building Nov. 1. It will be in Student Services on Nov. 6, and on Nov. 14 it will return to the Health Sciences and the Fine Arts buildings.

All students are welcome to stop by and learn more. For more information, contact Sherry Warren, the SAGE TRiO director, at 307-778-4314.