University of Wyoming student center on LCCC's Cheyenne campus moves to level two planning

The Laramie County Community College's master plan’s No. 1 priority building is now entering the second phase of the planning process.

The college and the University of Wyoming have been working together to create a University/Student Center on the Cheyenne campus and will start level two planning.

The level one planning studies are within a state Title IX document in chapter five, article 108 concerning the Capitol and State Building Commission. According to Title IX, level one studies will describe the project, identify any permits that might be required, assess environmental and legal constraints and identify the need for the project.

LCCC’s vice president of administration and finance, Carol Hoglund, said the level one planning is mostly conceptual.

The University/Student Center is scheduled to be an integrated service center, which will be a "one-stop shop" for student services. Hoglund said the building will have about 20 faculty offices and 30 adjunct faculty offices many of which will be for student services as well as eight classrooms—four science labs, two computer labs and two computer lab/classrooms. However, Hoglund said this is currently only a draft of what will go in the building, and "it is not set in stone."

Hoglund said the project is following the updated college facilities plan very closely, and the trustees will revisit the facilities plan at their Sept. 19 business meeting.

Funding, describing level two planning

Previously, at a Board of Trustees’ meeting on Aug. 15, a representative from Kaiser & Co., Dan Baxter, spoke to the trustees about possible funding methods, which is a part of level two planning.

Level two planning is under the same section of Title IX, and planning includes providing a detailed analysis of factors relevant to development, construction and maintenance, containing final concept design and cost estimates as well as financing plans.

Hoglund described the level two planning as creating specifics for the conceptual ideas.

Level three planning begins in 2013

The final stage of planning, level three, is projected in the college’s Building Forward facilities plan to begin in July 2013. In this stage, Hoglund said, actual construction documents will be created. In July 2013 the college will submit the project to the Wyoming Community College Commission for approval of the planning and construction funding.

The college’s Building Forward facilities plan also expects to hold a general obligation bond or five-mill election for facilities projects to raise 50 percent of the cost of the University/Student Center. The plan ultimately projects the building of the center in winter 2014.

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