A summer filled with ups, downs

Summertime should be fun and give you a chance to relax and recharge your batteries. Did I do that? Of course, not! Seriously, I am unsure if I really understand how to relax anymore. I need to keep going, just to keep my sanity.

So, because I want to get as much done as possible at one time, you can say I may have overloaded myself just a tad bit.

All that kept me going

I took five online classes: cultural anthropology, PE activity, survey of astronomy, international business, and nutrition. The first class started just a few weeks after the spring semester ended. The other four started a few weeks later. Let me tell you, the astronomy course is not one you want to do with four other classes while moving and renovating.

Oh, yeah, did I mention I was moving and renovating? I still am renovating throughout the summer, too. Even though my roommate does the heavy lifting when it comes to the renovations, it still made for a rather busy summer. In addition, I was working anywhere between two to seven days a week, and that seemed to add to the constant stage of busyness.

Who needs sleep

You might ask, “When do you sleep?”

Well, as soon as I find out, I will let you know. No, honestly, a few schedule changes toward the end of the fall actually allowed me to sleep more than four hours, but after almost a year of awakening at 3:30 a.m. it is hard to catch up on the sleep I have been missing.

I guess every summer has its ups and downs; you learn new things and in some way reinvent yourself.

Yay, for potty training

My daughter is finally potty trained, an accomplishment I have been looking forward to for a long time. And now that it is here, I must say I am a little sad about it. This means she really isn’t a baby anymore; instead, she is a little girl.

That fact worries me just a bit—why? Well, that means I am just a few years away from her going to school, growing even more, her first love, teenage years, high school graduation, hopefully college, her marriage and someday (I hope) my grandchildren.

Don't blink

Time flies when you are having fun and have a hyperactive toddler in the house.

When did this all happen? Did I not just carry this tiny baby with big, brown eyes, the slightly bruised eye and the one dark brown curl home from the hospital? Wasn’t it just her first birthday? Her first tooth? Her first steps? Her first word? All the first holidays? The second birthday? The third birthday?

Whoa, where has the time gone? Can I freeze time? Can I keep her little, where it is easier for me to keep her safe from imaginary monsters under the bed, than some of the real monsters in the world?

Always my little girl

Is this selfish of me? All I know is I am still not ready for the rather fast progress she is making. I still have a hard time doing laundry and folding those tiny little panties. How can I possibly protect her from everything else that is out there and everything else that comes with life and the process of growing?

Maybe one day, when she is in college and debating whether to take summer classes, I can tell her about my experience with them and guide her toward a more relaxing summer experience.

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