Summer spent in Renaissance

Loving, hating Summer

Summer really isn’t my favorite season. I hate the heat. I hate the bugs. I hate wearing shorts and other summer attire. I hate summer allergies. I hate pool parties. I hate family cookouts. I hate being outside in the sun. I hate gardening and did I mention I hate the heat?

But with a season I don’t particularly like, there are still aspects of it that I do look forward to. I enjoy not having to go to classes, staying up all night watching movies and sleeping in (though I didn’t do that much this summer because I babysat at like 7:30 in the morning). I also enjoy being able to go anywhere I like anytime I want without worrying about the weather, and I love clear summer nights so I can look at the stars. I also love going to concerts and not worrying about missing something important in class. I think, though, what I love most about the summer is the Renaissance festival in Larkspur, Colo.

This beautiful event happens only in the summer for eight differently themed weekends. It supports artists and performers, and I love an event like that because I believe in the importance of keeping art alive and thriving in society. Going to the festival is like stepping back in time to a magical world filled with fairies, dragons, jousting, knights, pirates, Celtic music and crazy performances from acrobats and fire eaters alike.

Confess to love at first sight

It was about four years ago when I first went to the Renaissance festival and since then I cannot stop going. The atmosphere is so fantastic! It’s filled with creativity, music and the smell of delicious food—fried pickles, giant turkey legs, steak, fish and chips, pretzels and many other items. The majority of the people who attend the Renaissance festival are in a great mood and are all dressed up in fancy dresses, pirate attire and anything else they feel they would like to wear. This last summer I saw a man dressed as Beetlejuice from the Tim Burton film and another dressed as Link from the video game “The Legend of Zelda.”

Vendors at the Renaissance festival bring handmade jewelry, clothing and other objects. In the past, I have bought a vast array of unique necklaces, earrings, some dragon artwork, a small dagger, etc.

Not only are there many beautifully crafted items to buy, but there are also talented acrobats, musicians and performances to watch throughout the day for free. Just recently the festival has added a large endangered cat show with tigers, panthers, leopards and other endangered large cats. Sword swallowing, jousting and many different acrobatics and comedy entertain. But I really enjoy the people who are there for a good time. All the quirky, weird and different people go to this event to enjoy themselves, producing such a positive, creative, diverse feel.

Wishing for time-machine

If I had the chance, I would probably live at the Renaissance festival or at least go every weekend, but sadly I can afford to go only once a year. Perhaps I’ll just work there this upcoming summer…you never know, maybe you’ll see me in a corset and skirt, adorned in shiny jewelry, talking in a crazy accent and playing the violin or selling some wares.

Renaissance Fair