Posted at 2:33 p.m., Sept. 25, 2014

They came, they saw, they sang

Choir travels to Virginia's Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church

Traveling brings new experiences, and there is no better advocate to that statement than Laramie County Community College’s choirs.
This past May, Dr. Judy Ransom, LCCC’s choir director, led the college’s chorale and cantorei all the way to Norfolk, Virginia, where they performed nine pieces of music. One was commissioned by Dr. James Kosnik called “Unless the Lord Builds the House.” Kosnik is a well-known composer, organist and former professor of Ransom.

This was a new experience for LCCC’s choir because they had never done work for Kosnik outside of Wyoming.
“It was an amazing experience,” Ransom explained. “It had very good educational value, of course, but also a fun experience for the students who went.”

The trip was open to anyone in choir who wanted to go, and 21 students took the opportunity to sing in Norfolk’s prestigious and historical Saint Andrews Episcopal Church. Built in 1921, the church acted as the perfect location to house the visiting choir and their music. Song selection also included “Gloria,” “Wanting Memories” and “The Seal Lullaby.”

Ransom said the trip acted as a thank you to Kosnik who commissioned work for LCCC’s choir last fall. While here, he played Cheyenne’s St. Mary’s organ for the group, which is the largest major Visser-Rowland organ in the Northwest.

“It was a great opportunity for Dr. Kosnik as well as for us,” Ransom said. “I admire him so much, and it was amazing to work with such an accomplished composer and friend.”  

So is another trip on the horizon for the music department? “We aren’t planning one for this year, but hopefully we will try to get one up and running next year,” Ransom said. “We hope every two years we can travel and do something fun like this.” With so many places to travel to, it’s hard to narrow it down.

“Who knows where we will go next? New York would be fun, but also California,” she said.