Posted at 3:15 p.m. Sept. 28, 2015

Week of Welcome was enjoyed by many

Christina Grubbs

Photos by Daniel Martinez

Not some sideshow performer:

Christina Grubbs, left, a student at LCCC, anxiously waits as illusionist John Rotellini sets the thone for his next feat.

Virtual lessons learned:

Tyler Herbstreitch, right, team leader of the Arrive Alive Tour, reads off a list of laws that could have been violated by an LCCC student at the Campus Activity Board event.

The devil's in the details:

LCCC dental hygiene major, Oscar Moreno, left, smirks as the Las Vegas illusionist takes his audience into the act's finale.

Students fill out pre-event survey:

LCCC radiology major, Millie Chavarria, punches in answers to a tecting and DUI survey before trying the simulator.