Posted at 9:45 a.m. Sept. 25, 2015

Women face tough schedule with strength

It has been a tough schedule for the Laramie County Community College women’s soccer team so far this season, but the women have fought hard and played well in spite of it. The Golden Eagles started out the season playing four Top 20 teams with three of those are ranked in the top 10. The women beat top-10 ranked teams Navarro College and Tylor College, both on the road. LCCC was on a hot streak, going 4-2, but recently lost to the 2014 National Junior College Athletics Association National Champions Monroe Community College in a close game, 2-1. However, the women still have an overall record of 4-3-2 and a regional record of 2-1.

Coach Jim Gardner said, “With 13 new players, we feel that many of them will be able to contribute right away and add depth to an already strong team.” The Golden Eagles have three new players from Australia, Logan Garard, Jess Urqurhart and Jemma House, and all have high-level playing experience, Gardner said. There is also a newcomer from England, Shauni Griffiths, who the Golden Eagles will be looking to for “technical ability and tactical ability to see the field and move the ball.” Gardner said freshmen Aubry Gessner, Samantha Phillips, Makayla McBride and Shelbie Myers are “all true freshmen with lots of potential and strong passion for the game.”

Key returning players for the Golden Eagles are Megan Campbell, who was Region IX Freshman of the Year last year; forward Eden Stoddard; Brittney Crank, who is a captain and leader on and off the field; and Gabby Garcia, who brings leadership and powerful play in the middle of the field.

With the biggest strengths for the women this season being speed and depth, Gardner said, “I believe we will be able to outmatch most of our opponents when it comes to speed and moving the ball, and I think the quality of players that we will have coming off the bench will help us to maintain a high level of play all the time.”

Though the women’s soccer team is full of talent, there is always something to work on. With so many new players on the team, the chemistry has not formed yet. “When we are all on the same page and learn to play a hard-nosed physical style of ball, I think we will be on the right track,” Gardner said.

Future Games:

Friday, September 25 at Western Nebraska