Posted at 5 p.m. Oct. 5, 2016

Ensemble goes Hollywood to start season

Laramie County Community College has many talented individuals, some of which can be seen in an upcoming musical performance.

With the many programs of study on the LCCC campus also come many individual and group opportunities that allow the different LCCC talents to shine. The music program will be starting off the year with a “Hollywood” themed small ensemble performance.

The performance will feature ensembles directed by Beth Kean, instructor of vocal music; Erin Bauer, instructor of instrumental music; and Ed Novotny, guitar instructor. Kean will be directing a Cantorei vocal ensemble, while Bauer directs an instrumental jazz ensemble, and Novotny leads the Celtic guitar ensemble.

The jazz ensemble is an instrumental group of around 20 members playing the typical instruments of jazz (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, guitar, and percussion). Many of their songs, while written like a script, are sometimes subject to improvisation as they are played. Jazz is a genre of music that leaves the door open for the performers’ creative license. The ensemble will be performing the following arrangements: “In Summer,” from the animated movie “Frozen”; “Skyfall”; from the latest James Bond film; “Rainbow Connection” from the Muppets.

There will be two soloists featured during the jazz ensemble’s performance. Peter Hurdle will be performing a trombone solo during “Sky Fall.” There will also be a flugal horn solo during the “Rainbow Connection” arrangement. The soloist is still being determined.

The ensemble members are mostly music majors partaking in Bauer’s Jazz Ensemble course as part of their curriculum. However, members of the Cheyenne community can be found among the LCCC student members and are welcome to audition.

Kean’s Cantorei ensemble consists of several talented vocalists. The Cantorei ensemble is a nine-member, auditioned ensemble of music majors with an occasional non-music major. The Cantorei ensemble is known for singing arrangements from the genres of jazz, pop-standard and madrigals to name a few. And like most Cantorei ensembles, they sing in different languages. Although this upcoming performance will be in English, Kean is planning to have the ensemble perform in Latin this February and German in April. Program notes will be available at the performances to give history of the arrangements as well as translations.

In sticking with the Hollywood theme, Kean has chosen the following arrangements to be performed (in English): “California Dreamin’” from the movie “Forest Gump”; “We Kiss in the Shadow,” from “The King and I” (soloist to be determined); and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” from the “Wizard of Oz” or an arrangement from “My Fair Lady.”

According to Kean and Bauer, Novotny will be rounding off the performance and leading the Celtic guitar ensemble.

The Playhouse will host the small ensemble performance at 7 p.m. Oct. 10, marking the first performance of the year for the music program with many more to come.