Posted at 3 p.m. Sept. 28, 2016

Athletics Website

Private money funds new athletics website

Laramie County Community College has launched a new sports website,

The Athletics Department received private funding for the site. The new site integrates with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The new site provides family, friends, and recruiters the real-time information about each player’s stats during games, said Scott Noble, LCCC athletic director. Profiles of players are available; photos of events can be purchased. The bookstore will be linked to the new site in order for family and fans to buy apparel. Fans can keep up with their favorite teams both at home and on the road and can feel better connected with the teams and the players.

Noble said he has high hopes for the site’s future. “Web streaming is a big thing we are looking to provide in the future,” Noble said.

Recruiters are always on the prowl, and this is a valuable asset when they are looking for the next sports superstar, Noble said. It’s a lot easier to be seen by and impress recruiters if you’re plastered all over the Internet, he said. Between, the athletes, their family and friends posting and tweeting, recruiters will have no shortage of access to stats, to actually see the players perform, and decide who they want to see in person, Noble said.

Private funding doesn’t have as much red tape and since the funding is specifically for the college athletic program, it can do a lot more for the athletes, Noble said. At the bottom of the site are links to the sponsor’s websites. Merchants get their company business names out and can provide more funding for LCCC teams, he said. The LCCC main webpage links to site as well.

This new site should catapult the college’s visibility into new directions; the college can grow with this new visibility, Noble said.

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