Addressing the Board

Dr. Joe Schaffer, LCCC president, answers questions and concerns of the Board of Trustees after his presentation of the FY 2013 budget and the included position of athletic director.

Photo by Shawn Havel

Board approves budget for FY2013

Athletic director position included in budget

The Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve the district LCCC Fiscal Year 2013 Budget at the July 18 business meeting.

Trustee Kevin Kilty said he was not sold on the idea of hiring a full-time athletic director, but he was willing to give it a try, before he voted in favor of the budget.

Trustees Ed Mosher and Kilty said they each had their own doubts about the processes of amending the budget and the addition of the athletic director; however, after discussion both ultimately agreed to vote in favor of the budget.

Kilty, who has opposed the creation of an athletic director, said he believed the position was open-ended and would not cost only the $100,000 that is allocated for the position in 2013, but would have greater, unexpected costs. Mosher also said he believed LCCC currently does not have the facilities to justify the creation of this position.

In opposition to the two trustees, LCCC President Joe Schaffer said he believed the position would ultimately pay off because the position would allow the athletic director to engage the community, facilitate the activities and space used by the groups sharing the Physical Education Building and enable current positions to function at a higher level.

Schaffer said he believed increased community engagement could benefit the college's booster club and ultimately help pay for some costs of the new position.

Current LCCC athletic director and head basketball coach Jason Ficca said he believed the college was "not getting its bang for its buck" by not having the position. Ficca also suggested to re-name the position the Physical Education and Athletic Recreation (PEAR) Director.

The budget was broken down in the following categories:

In other business:

Susann Robbins, Online Editor, contributed to this report.

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