Posted at 4 p.m., Dec. 4, 2013

Vycktoryja Selves

Put down the homework;
pick up some fun

By Vycktoryja Selves
Photo Editor

To take a break from flashcards during this winter holiday students of all ages can have fun with Blendoku and Magisto, two entertaining apps.

Blendoku is a fun game to test the mind in a different way from the Android and Apple app stores. Not a Sudoku fan with all those numbers? Don’t worry, neither am I.

Blendoku tests the visual part of the user’s brain by placing colored blocks next to one another, creating a gradient effect.

The game progressively becomes harder with each level as more blocks of color are added.

The graphics are simple and clear, making this game a good option to kill time or to keep children occupied.

If the fall semester has made thinking about patterns and correct sequencing turn the brain to mush, the easy-to-use mobile video making app Magisto will give it a break.

Available on multiple mobile markets, Magisto accesses the device’s library and Google drive account for photos and videos. In the free version, users can choose up to five photos or videos; the minimum requirement is at least one video in each selection.

After a user selects his content, the app shows a number of different themed categories from which to choose such as indie, street beats and fashion. Within the themes are various song selections for background music. Users can pick from artists such as Imagine Dragons and Justin Timberlake. The user can also play his own music.

Once the user chooses his options, the app generates a video. The process takes a few minutes to complete, but the result is incredible. The transitions are smooth, and special effects are applied to the video similar to what is seen on TV. This is an ideal app for sharing videos among friends and family during the holidays.

A drawback to Magisto is the limited number of photos users can upload under the free account. To increase the number of photos, users can sign up for a monthly fee of $4.99, which gives the user a plus account that allows 30 photos, 25 clips and clips up to 25 minutes. A pro account option is available for $9.99 a month and includes the plus account content in addition to HD downloads for movies created on the Web.

If users are looking for more usage from Magisto, the paid version might be the way to go.


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