Posted at 3 p.m., Dec. 4, 2013

SGA to choose ex officio board member

By Brooke A. Rogers
Managing Editor

Laramie County Community College’s Student Government Association supported the Board of Trustees’ decision to admit a member of SGA as an ex officio (non-voting member)of the board in an effort to increase communication between the administration and student body.

The process by which the member will be chosen is still being considered, though at a meeting Dec. 3, the SGA discussed forming a committee including SGA members and members of trustees to review applications for the position.

Another possibility presented was members of SGA would vote on the ex officio representative.

The idea of several members rotating through the position every month to enhance diversity of opinion was also considered.

SGA Sen. Jackson Craft voiced a concern that a rotating ex officio position would prevent those elected into the position from understanding the issues discussed monthly.

Sen. Daniel Russell offered the possibility of rotating the ex officio position each semester as a solution to this, but no decision was reached.

SGA will continue discussing the issue to decide on a process to select the ex officio.

On Nov. 26, SGA approved $300–$500 to purchase a camera to publicize events sponsored by SGA.

SGA also unanimously agreed to buy gifts for 10 children from LCCC’s and Arp Elementary School’s Giving Trees and assist the college and school in preparing and wrapping gifts to be delivered to Giving Tree families for Christmas.