Posted 2 p.m., Nov. 15, 2013

App makes studies a flash

By Vycktoryja Selves
Photo Editor

As students approach the final “boss battle” of the semester called “FINALS,” studying is necessary if they wish to pass.

One way to help is to download StudyBlue for free to an Apple, Android or personal device and review important material in flashcard format for finals. StudyBlue , rated overall 4.5 out of 5 by 192 iTunes customers, is a social sharing website designed to let students create and share flashcards, a Library of Alexandria for flashcards, if you will.

When first signing up for StudyBlue, the student is asked what school and classes they are attending. This allows the student to connect with others who may have already taken the class or students who are currently enrolled. If the class already has flashcards made by someone else, those cards are available for study.

If students do not find their class or wishes to make their own, they can simply go make files and begin.

Students enter the term they want to study into the top half of the card and add the definition to the bottom half. If there is more than one term to study, click on the “add card” button or tab to create a new card.

Create study time

Need multiple flashcards for more than one class? No problem, just create new flashcards and title them for what classes are needed.

After creating the cards, students can study by either viewing the term and guessing the description or vice versa. Press the space bar to flip the card and find the answer.

The program will then ask whether the student guessed right. Be honest here.

For wrong, press the “red down thumb,” and StudyBlue will save the data and put it into the “hardest to study” category.

Once at least four or more cards are created, students can begin to turn the flashcard into miniquizzes.

For example, I made six cards in my mass media class flashcards. On the right side of my computer screen a button was labeled “Take Quiz.” The website uses the terms and definitions I entered earlier and reorganizes flashcards into matching and true or false questions. The quizzes are a great way to study terms similar to one another.

Students can share their flashcards with other students by sending invites to sign up and create study groups.

As long as the settings are public, others will see what is added or changed to the flashcards.

Continues and checkpoints don’t exist in the game of college education. Instead of falling behind, stock up on StudyBlue flashcards and gain the experience needed to conquer finals easily.

The website can be accessed at www.