College to hire part-time student health services

By Brooke A. Rogers
Managing Editor

Laramie County Community College will begin offering access to limited health services as early as November.

In 2003, LCCC’s Student Government Association approved funds for a school nurse; however, the college never hired anyone to fill the position.

For more than a decade, students at LCCC have gone without access to immediate health service at the college. “Community colleges often don’t have much in terms of health services,” said Judy Hay, LCCC’s vice president of student services. “It’s partially because we try and keep the cost of education as low as we possibly can, and all of that costs more money, and so we would have to charge students more for it.”

Students currently pay a $2.25 mandatory “wellness fee” per credit hour. In the past, this money has gone toward the Physical Education facilities, intramural sports (which were restarted by the college last spring), health education and access to the Laramie Recreation Center. The college will re-direct a portion of those fees to the new clinic. The re-allocated funds previously went to funding health education at the college, amounting to approximately $82,000 annually.

The funds will now be used, Hay explained, to host resident doctors from the University of Wyoming’s Family Medicine and Residency Program, who will offer care to students.

LCCC’s Director of Contracting and Procurement Jerry Harris explained the resident doctors of the free clinic will offer basic checkups and prescribe subscriptions as well as annual flu shots. The clinic will be open for a few hours one day a week, but the specific day has yet to be determined. The amount of time the clinic is open might change as the college assesses the students’ need.