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LCCC choral has new instructor

Laramie County Community College’s new choral instructor will direct her first performance for the college at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 21, at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

Dr. Judy Ransom will debut with a choral concert everyone can enjoy. The theme for the concert is American music, featuring composers such as Aaron Copeland and Daniel Gawthrop. Early American hymns will be played by a harpist, and even fun songs, like the music from the movie “Chicago,” will be sung.

Ransom said she thought American music would make a great theme for the concert because it identifies who Americans are and speaks to us. She said these songs teach us about ourselves and American history and our heritage. Ransom said she enjoys this type of music and wanted her students to enjoy what they’re singing.

She said working with the students and preparing them to perform have been exciting, and she enjoys introducing her students to new music. Her students are also excited about working with a new teacher and showing off what they’ve learned.

Amelia Giordano, president of the American Choral Director Association, said making music, practicing and singing songs together is how the students and Ransom are able to get to know one another.

A new, more formal wardrobe will also debut. The women will wear new dresses, and the men will be in tuxedos. This is exciting for the students because they’ll look and feel more together and in uniform.

The concert will include 12 men and 24 women singers, a harpist and a four-hand piano perform some of its best, challenging songs.

The event is free to the public; however, donations will be accepted for the Veterans Memorial Medical Center for veterans recovering from overseas deployments.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Veterans Medical Center