Zombies terrorize downtown again

Zombies walking freely in downtown.

Jennifer Stogsdill, Co-editor

For the second consecutive year, the city of Cheyenne was overrun by hordes of flesh-craving cannibals. Fortunately, for the living, a day full of morbid activities kept the walkers distracted.

On Sept. 29, Cheyenne Little Theatre hosted its second ZombieFest downtown. Rory Mack, chairman for ZombieFest, said that last year was a huge success and a great fundraising event for the Cheyenne Little Theatre, so it was decided to try it out another year. “There were about 5,000 people at the event last year,” Mack added. “We were hoping for people to come in hordes this year.”

Brains, more brains chow down

Festivities included a brain eating contest, a scavenger hunt, a zombie fashion show hosted by Plato’s Closet, a Zombieland carnival for kids to enjoy, zombie face painting, a zombie walk to the capitol and, for the first time, a zombie prom at the Plains Hotel.

Watch out he is coming for you.

Jennifer Stogsdill, Co-editor

There were also movies, special guests, live bands, raffles and comics from Heroes Only Comics for sale.

Mmmh... I smell fresh brains.

Jennifer Stogsdill, Co-editor

One of the movies featured was “Troll 2” along with the documentary, “Best Worst Movie,” about the film on Friday and Saturday night at the Atlas Theatre. Star of the movie, George Hardy, was also there as one of the special guests. Mack described “Troll 2” as being like “the Rocky Horror Picture Show of the 21st century.”

ZombieFest also featured its first Independent Horror Film Festival.

Mack said the other special guests were New York Times’ best-selling author Jonathan Maberry and folklore writer Dr. Bob Curran. Maberry has won the Bram Stoker Award multiple times for this horror and thriller books, and Mack added Maberry has also written for Marvel comics including some comics about zombies. Curran, from Northern Ireland, writes mostly about paranormal folklore, Mack said.

Maberry gave a talk about zombies in pop culture, and Curran discussed zombie folklore. They were later joined by Dr. Wendy Braund and Larry Green from the local public health and homeland security officers for a discussion of what a zombie apocalypse might actually be like.

Two DJs, DJ XS and DJ Hollow, a 14-year-old DJ/producer kicked off the music for the event, followed by three bands, It Gets Worse, of Wyoming, Horse and Arcanium, both from Colorado.

Mack said, “In the future, we are hoping for ZombieFest to be a whole weekend event instead of just one day because we have a lot planned.”

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