Sept. 19, 2012 at 10:25 p.m.

Board goes forward with new shared governance policy

The Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees approved eight agenda items at its Sept. 19 business meeting.

Many of the items voted on were discussed at the Sept. 5 study session.

The trustees voted to approve the following items:

Clarification given

During discussion of the approval of the new governance policies, Board of Trustees’ secretary Dr. Kevin Kilty was concerned about 1.2.1, Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice, section 1.0 Policy and Purpose, under A. The Board of Trustees of Laramie County Community College will govern lawfully with an emphasis on: 1) Outward vision rather than internal operations and 3) Strategic leadership rather than administrative detail. He wondered if that prevented him from asking questions.

Trustee Brenda Lyttle, who helped draft the policies, clarified that she meant for this to help the board know the business of the college so the board could help the college in making good decisions.

After the approval of the new board governance policies, Schaffer asked for guidance about what to focus on next, and Kilty suggested maybe making a roadmap of which policies and procedures were most important to focus on first and then present them to the board so they could start moving forward.

Colleges, commission to align goals

Board supports concurrent enrollment accreditation

Board revises procedure/policy manual

Firm projects funding for master plan