College to grow healthy alternative for community

Laramie County Community College is bringing a little more community to its campus by designing and planning a community garden.

Jeri Griego, instructor of accounting and business, and Cathy Rogers, instructor of computer information systems, have been planning and gathering information for this addition to the college to start next spring.

Preparations have started

Currently, Griego and Rogers are doing preparation work and design. The inspiration for the garden came from two ideas. Griego said, “The idea came from a side project for third-graders called Friday Food Bags.” This project delivers nonperishable food to young students who might not have enough to last through the weekend and could use some extra snacks. The bags are full of easy-to-eat, nutritious snacks.

“When most people get hungry and are low on cash the fastest thing they do is go get fast food,” Griego said. “What if instead of paying for junky food, they get healthy, nutritious food for free? I’m sure they would go with the healthy food.”

Bringing community together through healthy cause

Rogers, who is a gardener, said, “I thought this would be a wonderful and useful way of getting the community together but also use it for a work service project for students.” Rogers added: “I want to bring in more of the community part and make that important. It’s not all about produce.”

At an organizational meeting Sept. 14, Rogers and Griego discussed the design outline for the garden. They have a tool shed and a greenhouse they are positioning, but they are also figuring out which place works best so that the garden gets the best sunlight.

The group also discussed water systems and the best way to achieve the greatest results.

Even community garden needs organization

The garden will be open to the public. Different-sized plots will be available for anyone interested. Families, clubs and organizations can have a plot or just a personal one.

In order to keep this place clean and in good shape, work days will be arranged so that everyone will come in and help clean up the garden. The overall message is to help bring the community of Cheyenne together while having fun, doing something great and helping one another.

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