Horror season is horror for wallet


I have noticed I have this rather horrid relationship with money. It seems to be a one-way relationship in which I really love money and wish it would hang around for a while, but it always seems to have other ideas, and I never keep it for long.

It seems to become worse when I have more of it because I am under this false impression and think, “Oh, I have lots. I can spend some,” and pretty soon, it’s all gone.

In life, I find much to excite me, but this turns into a major problem when I have an abundance of cash. I possess absolutely no control regarding buying anything music-related (This includes CDs, concerts, band merchandise, new guitar picks, etc.), Doctor Who merchandise (Recently, I have been finding shirts, lamps, books, DVDs, socks, toys, sticky notes, etc. all relating to my favorite British sci-fi show, and I just canno say no.) and, most recently, Halloween-type objects.

Influenced by month of horror

Yep, October is probably the worst month for my horrid spending habits because it just adds to the things I love!

When the weather starts to cool and the leaves turn the color of fire, I am eager for the warm deliciousness of pumpkin spice lattes (which are quite costly when you start buying them every morning), horror movie shirts and other autumn apparel, purple and orange stringed lights to put around my room (I always have to buy new ones every year because they seem to have battles in the box when they are not in use, and half of the lights are dead when I go to use them again.), horror-related music (I seem to always find more Alice Cooper, Misfits, Rob Zombie, Creature Feature, Wednesday 13 and other such CDs to buy.), and I always let out little girlish squeals whenever I see Halloween decorations in stores and then proceed to buy some to adorn my room with more skeletons, candles and other obscure creepy stuff.

College is editor's saving grace

My only saving grace is I am now in about a billion college classes and an editor of a college paper, so I seem to be so busy I have barely any leisure time to spend shopping, which is possibly the best thing for me.

My new problem is weekends, though, because I always seem to find myself in the dangerous traps of FYE, Barnes and Noble and, now, Halloween shops filled with tempting, crazy, unnecessary decorations.

I would eventually like to move out and live in a big city, so these awful habits of mine must change!

Inventing ways to save money

I just really need to stop thinking about the amount of money I actually have. I think if I just start telling myself I have absolutely no money, I would believe myself and not buy anything. It just will take a lot of willpower to resist those tempting whispers from peculiar finds.

Or maybe I could just ship all my money on a small shuttle to space, and my money could accumulate on the moon where I could never touch it.

Or I could become a hermit and avoid the outside world, which seems a bit harsh, but it may be my last option if the first two ideas fail.

Either way, I’m determined to move out of this state with more than a pile of weird objects and 13 cents; I just need to work really hard in keeping this goal in sight.

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