Derek Hoffman

My name is Derek Hoffman and I was born in Kearney, Neb., in April 1990. I lived and attended school in Merna, Neb., until I was 12 when my family moved to Louisiana to a smaller town named “Amite.” After getting to Amite we discovered, through research, that the education system was inadequate, so I was removed from the school system and homeschooled from that point on.

I obtained my first job at 16 to help with bills at a grocery store named Rouses. I worked and studied for three years before earning my GED 19. The January of the next year, I attended college for the first time at Delgado Community College in Covington, La.

In 2011, after going to college off and on for two years, I got a job at a Books-A-Million and worked there until I moved to Cheyenne on Monday, “The First Day” of school. AS I began my life here so far I have joined the Anime Club, a Bible study and am looking forward to meeting more people.