Char Lessenger

My name is Charlette Lessenger, I am a multimedia and Web design major at Laramie County Community College. This is my second year at LCCC and my second semester on Wingspan.

I have grown up in Cheyenne and graduated from Central High in 2011. After graduating from LCCC, I intend to transfer to the University of Wyoming to major in psychology and then from there transfer to Michigan State to obtain a master’s in higher education administration. The end result will hopefully be a full-time job at a university or community college in Michigan as a counselor or adviser and have a freelance photography/Web design/graphic art business on the side. But who knows what will happen in the next five years.

I love the outdoors. Hiking, camping and fishing are three of my favorite activities. If I’m outdoors, I’m happy, and if I can take photos in the process, then that’s even better! Outdoor photography is the type of photography I enjoy the most. I love the challenge of capturing the natural beauty of landscapes without any image editing.

I also enjoy interior decorating. Currently, I am working with the owner of Carnival Antiques, helping her design her store as well as manage her Facebook page. I love that job because I love making things feel like a home.

When I’m not outside or designing an awesome antique store, I usually spend my time watching movies with my friends. I love to watch movies because it’s an escape from reality for a while, and sometimes that’s just what a person needs.