Wardell McCarthy

Wardell McCarthy

Contributing Writer

My name is Wardell McCarthy; I’m in my second semester at LCCC. My major is psychology, but at this point I am looking to change my major and do something as a coach in sports. I love sports and the competitive side of it, your best vs. my best to see who is better is an amazing thing. I was born Sierra Leone, which is in on the coast of West Africa. I came to America at the age of 6 years after a brutal civil war in my country. I lived in Aurora, Colorado, until I moved to Cheyenne to begin school.

I was a walk-on football player at the University of Wyoming before dislocating my knee the last day of tryouts, after that I decided to come to LCCC and get a fresh start while rehabbing my knee.

I love people and love life and try to find the best in others and help them find there potential especially in sports.

There’s a lot more to me but I guess that a brief preview of me. Oh, I am big Broncos and Nuggets fan, just had to throw that in there.