Posted at 12 p.m. Jan. 31, 2017

Alan Burton

Graphics Co-Editor

Flag Raising

I was born in Phoenix, AZ on March 6, 1984 and moved to Alliance, NE, shortly thereafter. My parents drove through a sandstorm, tornado, then a blizzard within a day of each other just to get back home with me as a newborn. I grew up in Alliance, went to High School in Guernsey, WY and graduated there in 2002. Have worked in various fields including, lifeguarding, railroading, housekeeping, landscaping, factory work, amongst many others. The reason why I chose to go to school here at Laramie County Community College was partially the cost, and I plan on continuing my education at the University of Wyoming. As for things that interest me, I enjoy reading books, playing video games, working on computers, hunting, fishing and doing anything on a whim. What I would like to gain from working with Wingspan is, a better knowledge on how the publishing process works, a better understanding of myself and others, and meet new exciting people.